Emerald Ash Borer

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Emerald Ash Borer Treatment

  • Season Long protection with proven techniques
  • Systemic Treatment that kills the Larvae as it feeds

Systemic insecticides are absorbed into the roots or bark of the tree and move through the tree. When Ash Borer feeds on a tree that contains a toxic level of systemic insecticide, they will die. We use a systemic insecticide to provide months of protection for important trees. The longevity of the effectiveness will vary depending on what time of year the application was made and environmental factors

  • Systemic insecticides that are applied as soil injections, drenches, trunk injections, or a Basal Bark trunk spray

This is the most effective option and is intended for use only by certified pesticide applicators. Insecticide applications should begin before your ash tree is attacked by EAB.  Ash trees that are healthy (with 70% leafed out canopy) and are of value to the homeowner should be considered for treatment. Other ash trees (greater then 30% dead) should be removed before they become a hazard.

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Beyond the Leaf are experts at removing dead/dying ash trees that are past the point of saving